Martin portrait photo

Hi. I received the MSc in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (Telematik) as well as the PhD in Computer Science from Graz University of Technology. After my PhD studies, which focused on nonlinear registration of computed tomography images, I worked for two years as a post doc in Graz on biometric image analysis. Both the PhD and the post doc projects were funded by an industry partner (Siemens). Later, I joined the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical Forensic Imaging (LBI CFI) in Graz, while remaining an affiliated lecturer for Medical Image Analysis at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision at Graz University of Technology. From 2015 till 2019 I was a key researcher and principal investigator at LBI CFI.

I moved to the University of Auckland’s Department of Computer Science in July 2019, where I currently am a Lecturer in Computer Science. I still have close links to my previous group in Graz. My research interests are in medical image analysis, computer vision and machine learning techniques applied to medical and forensic applications.