TODO: This page is work in progress, please check back later for more details!

I am constantly looking for promising, motivated high profile students with an interest in medical image analysis, as well as the use of machine learning and computer vision in novel and established clinical and forensic applications. Please approach me if you are interested in joining the group and pursue a student project under my supervision on a BSc(Hons), MSc or PhD level. This page will list specific open student projects and also give an overview of currently running and already finished student projects. Students coming with their own research ideas are also welcome to get in contact!

However, please note that I currently do not have open positions or funding for student research projects, PhDs or post docs available. Therefore – and this is especially relevant for international students – these projects are unfunded (unless otherwise stated)! So please do NOT approach me without your own source of funding, and please do keep in mind that Auckland is a very expensive place to live!

Another point I would like to make is that you should not put me on your doctoral application for the University of Auckland, without getting into contact with me first!

The University of Auckland has a scholarship scheme for promising, high profile PhD students. If you have a bachelor (honours) or masters degree from an NZ university or from an international university which is deemed equivalent to the University of Auckland, you may be eligible to apply for this scholarship (given you also pass a threshold on your GPA).


I am interested in supervising student projects in the following areas:

  • Image analysis and machine learning in medical and forensic applications
  • Automated extraction of landmarks and anatomical structures from CT, MRI, X ray, microscopy,…
  • Age estimation by regression in clinical and forensic contexts
  • Computer vision in sustainability related areas

Here is a list of students currently working with me in the School of Computer Science at the University of Auckland:

  • William Hewitt, 2020, CompSci 380 project student working on ventricle segmentation from echocardiograms
  • Steve Quindo, 2020, CompSci 380 project student working on boat detection and counting in marine reserve images
  • Owen Xu, 2019-2020, summer research project in collaboration with Orion Health
  • Lance Chaney, 2019-2020, summer research project on gesture recognition
  • Matthew Sinclair, 2019-2020, summer research project on medical image segmentation